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The Ethics of Gamification

February 2, 2012

Following several years of giddy hype and several months of critical questioning about gamification (with some particularly compelling reading from Ian Bogost and his community of commentors), its encouraging to finally see some self reflection, critical thought and even retaliation from within the  Gamification community itself.

Gamification guru Gabe Zichermann came out a few months ago with this defense. And Jane McGonigal who has long held utopic notions of games as world saving devices appears to have adjusted her stance witnessed at the recent Chicago Digital Ethics Symposium. There s a review of the presentation here. Elsewhere, Meta gaming has proposed a code of conduct for gamification. Practical ethics has also weighed in on the subject here. For gamification to survive, it will need to seriously delouse its marketing and commercial infestation, but the questions then arises, will there be anything left?

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  1. July 5, 2012 6:49 pm

    I recently thought about the two sides of gamification. I will think about issues like quest design and a code of conduct in my gamma project. I’d appreciate your feedback:
    May the force be with you,

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