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Game Addiction

December 14, 2011

Discussion has recently arisen concerning the skinner box-isation of the commercial games industry and the ethical implications notions of games addition.
Specifically, academic and game developer Bennett Foddy has offered why addiction in games isn’t necessarily bad thing.
Likewise, Game Arena’s 5 Inch Floppy interviews thinkers including Aarseth and Bogost on the ethics of producing addictive games, considering the truth and myths behind this idea.

While addiction is a serious concern and its ethics within gaming should be discussed, such a conversation should be equally attentive to the issues of its own reportage. Highly emotive and constructed images of game addicted children are regularly employed to fuel fear of gaming (see below).

Lets look forward to a time when the Reefer Madness propaganda and emotional exploitation of this subject has been widely realised for the media manipulation that it is.

Child becomes Vader through games

I haven’t played this one.

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