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Looking Back over the Ethics of Video Games

May 19, 2011

In 2006, Bit-tech’s game journo Ryan Garside put together this history of ethics of video games looking at some old game controversies, rating restrictions and even explored how games have bled into real life. An interesting introduction to the field.

“The fact that our troops may be using games to prepare for combat is not something that will cause concern amongst the majority. But what if a very different type of army starts to use the medium of video games as a way to ‘train’ their soldiers? Last year, radical racist producers Resistance Records developed a video game in which the object was to kill ethnic minorities. The game promotes all kinds of racism and is aimed at children, allowing them to play as the Ku-Klux-Klan whilst wondering round cities looking for people to string up. To complete the game the player must destroy Israeli leader Ariel Sharon.

Ethnic Cleansing is only the first in a series of games the producers plan to release. Where is the line drawn between inciting people to carry out acts of virtual mindless violence in Grand Theft Auto and inciting them to carry out acts of virtual mindless violence against minorities? Perhaps the only saving grace GTA has going for it is that it is at least indiscriminatly hostile!”

Read the full article from Bit-Tech here.

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