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Hacks, Hints, Helps or Cheats?

March 19, 2011

Economist editor Tom Standage discusses the fairplay of walkthroughs and seeking other Internet tips in order to defeat game foes. While some purists argue that this is cheating, Soandage suggests that looking for help online can be a challenge in itself.

“Any gamer, or parent of a gamer, will know the feeling. There’s a boss that just can’t be defeated, a puzzle that can’t be solved, or a level that appears to have no way out. The best games are neither so hard that they drive us mad, nor so easy that they fail to offer a challenge. But inevitably there are exceptions. What do you do then? Ask the internet, of course: many other gamers will have figured out what to do and posted the solution online. The answer is just a few clicks away.

Purists say this is cheating. They argue that solving a puzzle yourself, as gamers had to in the old days, might have taken longer, but it was more satisfying. When you know that detailed “walkthroughs” are available online, free of charge, for almost any game, the temptation is to ask for virtual help at the first sign of trouble, which robs players of a true sense of achievement. I say this is cobblers.”

Read the full articlefrom More Intelligent Life here.

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