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Game Journalism

November 25, 2010

Backscratching in journalism is nothing new which is not to say that it should go unscrutinised . In this article from the Online Journalism Review, the issue of Ethics in Video Game Journalism comes under the spotlight.

“Junkets are nothing new in entertainment journalism. Writers covering the movie industry are invited to nice hotels to confer with stars over expensive meals.  Pulitzer-prize winning film critic Roger Ebert says that when he first started working at theChicago Sun-Times, reporters would accept any trip they were offered. Now, he says he pays his own expenses when attending industry events.

Aaron Boulding, editor in charge of IGN?s Xbox coverage, defends the professional standards of his writers and editors. IGN is a conglomeration of Web sites, each devoted to a specific video game console. Boulding says he allows his editorial staff to go on publisher-funded trips and junkets. The site?s policy, he said, is to let each staffer manage their own conduct: ?We all have training and enough experience to know better — we lose our credibility if it becomes obvious that we’re biased.?

Boulding argues that readers ultimately decide the proper level of journalistic integrity. If a publication pads its scores, favoring publishers, then fans will see that they have been lead astray and will seek authority elsewhere.”

Read the whole article here

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